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The Technology


Today, you have the choice of either using towels basically the same as what your mother and grandmother used, or enjoy the hygienic advantages and convenience of towels made with Silver Yarn… 21st century technology at its best. Think of the following analogies: typewriters vs. tablets; light bulbs vs. LED’s; encyclopedias vs. search engines. Technology advancements have brought hygienic improvement and everyone should use clean antimicrobial towels.


Our silver towels are hygienically superior because bacteria cannot survive on our fabric. Our NO-SMELL towels are antimicrobial and eliminate odor causing bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi. And, they do this naturally without any chemicals.

We define a clean fabric as one that has no stains or bacteria on it. Our towels continually clean itself of bacteria, so if it’s not stained, it need not be washed like standard cotton towels. Less toweling washes means conserving water and utilities. Using less paper towels in the kitchen to dry your hands means less landfill waste and less trees needing to be cut down. These are all great things easily accomplished by simply using our towels.


Our NO-SMELL towels are made with Silver Yarn. Yes, with real silver. Silver is the oldest, natural and most documented antimicrobial. Even today’s Superbugs like MRSA, that are resistant to standard antibiotics, are killed by silver. Our silver yarn is what keeps our NO-SMELL towels smelling fresh day after day, week after week.


Our NO-SMELL towels are for everyone. The entire family can now continually dry their hands and the dishes with our Kitchen Dish Towel without worrying about mildew smell. People who are active in the gym will love the freshness of our Sport Towel regardless of how many times used. Students active in school or recreational sports will love the hygienic benefits of our Sport Towel that can dry in their gym bags or lockers and still smell amazingly fresh. Our NO-SMELL towels make a great gift for all the people you care about.