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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your No-Smell Textiles available in retail stores?

No. Presently they are only offered on our web site and through direct marketing programs.

When will I receive the products I order?

All orders will be shipped directly to you within a few days.

What if I do not like the products after I receive them?

We guarantee your satisfaction so you are able to return them to us for a full refund.

Are your products guaranteed?

Yes. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards and we guarantee that they will never smell from bacteria. If they ever do, we will replace them at no charge. To date, we have never had even one dissatisfied customer…our products “do what we say they do.”

How can wet towels left on the floor be clean?

Bacteria cannot survive on our towels because of the silver so it does not matter where they are left to dry.

When should the towels and linens be washed?

Only when they are stained…i.e. dirt marks, food or beverage stains, bodily discharges, smell from external sources like deodorants, perfumes or food. If they smell from any of these sources then they should be washed.

How should the towels and linens be washed?

Washing instructions are provided with the products and on their labels. The only major warning is that you do not use BLEACH. We also do not recommend the use of freshener sheets in the dryers as this will build up a layer over the silver and make it less effective.

Can I purchase regular standard products from you?

No. For the past 5 years we have been manufacturing only natural antimicrobial textile products made with silver yarn. Our NO SMELL line of towels are manufactured under the brand name of Bye Bye Bacteria. Our baby products are manufactured under the brand name of Cuddle Smart (www.cuddlesmart.com). Our parent company, AG Technologies, Inc. (www.argent47.com), originally manufactured products for the healthcare and hospitality sectors.

Will you be coming out with any other products?

Yes. We will soon have bath towels, sheets and pillow cases in additional sizes.